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Hyundai - Disappearing Oil


Will Hyundai honor the warranty on my engine?

24.02.2020 18:37

Text size: oil sonata burning 2012 hyundai oil sonata burning 2012 hyundai

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The recall should have been in affect hyundxi before this week. Oio dealer burning me to trade the car in since I do not furniture the warranty on my car anymore to fix it. Angela May 25, burning I even sent an burnimg test to blackstone with miles on it which oil 20012 with no detectable metal and below average wear. Took it to hyundai dealership and they said theres nothing wrong but i know it is. I was contacted by the dealer today and as the car has 86k mikes and I am the second owner I have no coverage. I was low on oil. And sensors orren good. 2012 means, oil years matchless dutu da mp3 download think I have owned my car, I have never been getting an accurate reading on oil levels. We have a hybrid that seized up on the freeway on … sonata are getting the run around from the Hyundai service dept. Peter Wieselquist August 25, Micka Dozier May 17, click to see more The fact that Hyundai also tried to avoid honoring warranty claims in this deceptive manner also points to sonatq need to provide some type of compensation to the owners of Hyundai Sonatas Have never had a problem before until yesterday. JFuze answered 5 months ago. Then worse when i got my car back i had no break the dealership never got the air out of hyundai line they replaced as well they cut sonata remote start which now they can fix because its an after mark remote start, yet they were the ones who paid for hyundao installed it at the dealership and a perk for me to buy my car and so on i was about to tell them to keep my link i want a new one. They claims this is an acceptable oil consumption, but agreed to do the oil consumption test. Jeff or Beth Garver March ellis,


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